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> The main role of bracing is to increase rigidity and stability of a vehicle by preventing body roll, therefore improving grip, steering feedback and response. The K-Brace is an adaption of a strut/tower brace, but provides the same solution with significant enhancements.


 > With the 4 fixing points and making use of a triangulation design, the K-brace is able to produce an undoubted amount of support in comparison to that from a singular bar strut brace.


> Car Manufacturers often use additional strengthening supports to the strut mountings of a standard vehicle. Therefore, by utilising those supports, in conjunction with the design of the K-Brace we are able to reduce the structural flex of the body or chassis especially during cornering.


> The K-Brace will always be mounted in the most optimum position in your vehicle, while taking into consideration usability of the standard car. Rear folding seats remain fully functional, while boot space is optimised without compromising performance.

> The industrial standard powder coating we provide is second to none. With 6 colours to choose from we are giving you the option to choose your alternative.