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Nylon Shift Bush for M32 and F40 transmissions

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EAN: 8721082981217
TYPE: Nylon-Shiftbush-M32/F40
Weight: 0.01 kg

The 4H-TECH F40 nylon Bush is made to eliminate shifter play and give a tighter feel providing precise gear changes.

Designed to improve shifting accuracy, this solid nylon bushing replaces the plastic OEM unit which create extra slop in the shifter. The kit installs in minutes and because it is nylon, you never have to worry about lubrication or rust.

Also for those who have lost the original shift bush, and don't want to buy a complete new shifter assembly from Opel. (you can not order the bush single from Opel)

Important: M32 and F40 transmissions have been made in 3 different generations through the years. This bush is only for the last generation M32 and F40 transmissions. Made from late 2016 till now. Please contact us if you are not sure if it will fit your application. (VIN / Chassis number of the car)


  • Improves overall shifter precision and feel
  • Nylon bushing construction
  • No lubrication required
  • Installs in minutes
  • Completely reversible to stock


  • 1 nylon bush (for one shifter)