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Alfa Romeo Mito 0.9 Turbo Twin air

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  • Product Details
    EAN: 8721082981309
    TYPE: F-Shift
    Weight: 0.25 kg

    Transform Your Drive with the 4H-TECH F-Shift!

    Unlock the true potential of your Fiat, Ford, Lancia, or Alfa Romeo with the 4H-TECH F-Shift. Designed to deliver faster and more precise gear changes, this quick shifter is a must-have upgrade for any enthusiast.

    Why Choose the 4H-TECH F-Shift?

    Superior Performance: Enjoy a 35% reduction in gear throw for rapid, accurate shifts.

    High-Quality Construction: Crafted from aircraft-quality aluminum, ensuring durability and lightweight performance.

    Seamless Integration: Maintain the factory gear stick model and height, preserving your vehicle’s original look and feel.

    Easy Installation: Fit the short shifter easily with no modifications or special tools required. The process is quick and straightforward.

    Enhanced Driving Experience: Gear changes become much quicker and more precise, transforming your driving dynamics.

    Key Features:

    • Improves Performance: Faster, smoother gear shifting.
    • 35% Shortened Gear Throw: Enhanced driving dynamics.
    • High-Quality Construction: Made in the Netherlands with premium materials.
    • Quick and Easy Installation: No modifications needed, completely reversible to stock.
    • Durable Design: Made of aircraft-quality aluminum.
    • No Re-adjustments Necessary: Set it once and enjoy lasting performance.
    • Protected Design: Ensuring innovative performance and reliability.


    • Alfa Romeo
    • Fiat
    • Lancia
    • Opel

    4H-TECH F-Shift: Precision. Speed. Excellence.

    Upgrade your vehicle today with the 4H-TECH F-Shift and experience the thrill of faster, more precise gear changes!