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    • Product Details
      EAN: 8721082981255
      TYPE: X-Shift
      Weight: 0.60 kg

      This 4H-TECH X-Shift is especialy designed for Opel Astra, Kadett, Vectra A and Calibra.

      By fitting this linkage you will have a gear throw shortening of 40%.

      The factory gear stick model and height remains unchanged.
      Gear changes are much quicker and precise.


      • Improves performance
      • Faster Shifting
      • Made in the Netherlands by 4H-TECH
      • 40% Shortened gear throw
      • Easy to install and operate
      • Completely reversible to stock


      • Shift linkage from high quality Steel
      • Shift top bar from stainless steel
      • Ball head fastening clips


      • Opel Astra-F (all models)
      • Opel Kadett-E (all models)
      • Opel Vectra-A (all models except V6 and Turbo)
      • Opel Calibra (all models except V6 and Turbo)